Since 1959, ERENLI KAUCUK has been providing rubber parts production to the automotive sector as Tier 1 and Tier 2, and has been providing services to its customers with engineering and testing competencies through its R & D center certificate obtained in 2016. By using the R & D infrastructure, it has become the preferred supplier as a strategic partner with its engineering and manufacturing competencies, from development stage to serial production of its products to Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Quality Policy

In order to achieve continuous improvement of our quality in the direction of Total Quality target, both in our business and in our suppliers in accordance with the requirements of ISO TS 16949 quality management system;

In the sense that our customers have identified the demands of our customers,

At the desired amount and at the desired term,

The most economical way is to meet.

While improving internal and external customer satisfaction and being a company that other companies in our sector will take as examples and our customers will prefer first rank, we constantly improve ourselves in every way; We will continue to invest in human, information, communication, technological developments and new production methods.


In order to be able to respond to multi-directional product needs and demands within the technological world that goes on every day, our R & D Team works in order to produce the most appropriate solutions for our customers. Today, it is our preferred supplier to provide our customers with the most economical and realistic solutions with a proactive approach by making a difference today that the competition with the experience and data we have been working from 1959 is very effective.


Creating the Future of the Automotive Industry We are fully activating the conductive systems of electrical and hybrid vehicles from 2010 on a daily basis. Follow all the steps to realize and manage all the processes required to produce the products required by electric and hybrid vehicles. It is a distinct honor for us to be the provider of the change needed for a greener world.


With the additional units added to the engine systems over the years, the space reserved for the engine systems is shrinking, although more volume is needed. Under these conditions, we provide fluid transmission for the cooling of engine systems which require more cooling. Heated fluid; more efficient engines by cooling, creating warmer living spaces in the car.

Our customers' requirements and green world requirements determine the design of our products. The hoses to which the fluid used in all heating-cooling systems are conveyed, the connectors used in hose connections and fast connection elements constitute our product range.


How can we accelerate our vehicle faster with the same or smaller engine volume? Turbocharger systems are used at this stage. The compressed air from the turbocharger fed by the burning air + fuel mixture in the engine is cooled after the intercooler and fed into the combustion chamber. This system gives better combustion efficiency and our vehicle performs better even in the same or smaller engine volumes. The turbocharger transmits intercooler-compressed pressurized hot air and intercooler's engine-fed cooled pressurized air. In this sense, we are serving as developer supplier on the whole system with many OEM and Globar Tier 1s.


We manufacture air intake hoses, which are used before and after the air filter, which we all know very well, conveying the air in the dirty air inlet in front of the vehicle and conveying the clean air after the filter to the relevant units. We produce these hoses by Extrusion or Injection / Compression methods according to customer demand, expectation and also ambient conditions.